The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Day 7 Law 7 The Law of Dharma

Saturday Day 7 Law #7 – The Law of Dharma (or Purpose in Life) 

Each individual is talented. When our talents and the universe are in alignment we meet our dharma or our purpose in life. To continue your dharma, your energy must flow naturally, without reservations. When we practice yoga in the purest form this helps to remove blockages.

Acknowledge and express your unique gifts. Take the time to write down things that you enjoy and love. One way to connect with your dharma is to consider those things that you really love to do. Tapping into what makes you happy will radiate happiness to those around you.  When you allow the nature and your intelligence to coincide, you are reminded of your highest purpose.


  1. Pay attention to the stillness in your body. Observe what resonates from your practice.
  2. Become aware of your talents and originality. Celebrate your natural talents even as you develop new ones.
  3. Cultivate an internal dialogue of giving and serving. Align your intentions with dharma.  Your actions will be effortless and successful.

Thank you to Deepak Chopra for inspiring me to share The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga with you.

Much light and love